A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

Over the next few days, throughout the Festival of Lights, Channukah, we will see increasingly intense anomalies in the light coming from our sun, and other suns, there will be increasing disturbances and anomalies in physical phenomena as the old laws of nature are replaced with new, just laws that do not permit the abuse of the material world. The light will change too, as the dimming of the sun is gradually removed.

Have you seen the videos of the delight of babies who could not hear when they are fitted with hearing aids? At first, not understanding what is happening, they are afraid. When they hear for the first time, they are absolutely delighted.

The physical world will no longer serve as a support for wrongdoing and will no longer remain inert at the touch of those who intend evil. They will have no foothold whatsoever.

Have you seen the videos of people who are colorblind when they put on the new glasses that allow them to see color for the first time? They cry with joy at the sheer beauty of the colors.

This is going to be Humanity’s reaction to seeing in the new light that we are being readied to receive now. We are going to see what we could not see before – and the world will be enveloped in the comfort of very profound and penetrating understanding. When we have had our fill of the comfort we need to heal, we will move on to the next era.

A new world is being born. Now. It will fully emerge on the eighth day of Channukah, when all of the planets will be flooded with the pure light of the new sun.



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