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Aharon Barak, Like George Soros, Is A Prime Example of a Holocaust Survivor Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and Wreaking Havoc on Society

(Subtitles in English)

Aaron Barak is Israel’s most salient example of a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust who suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome.

Another, perhaps the most severe case on the international scene, is George Soros.

Here is Aaron Barak sounding very convincing (there are English subtitles) in explaining why the state that presumes to call itself Israel does not go by Jewish Law in the courts.


What he fails to mention is that some of the laws can be applied, as they are, and yet are not. Often, laws from the Ottoman Empire, British law and American laws, which are less humane are used instead.

One of the most egregious falsehoods in this interview that he tells with a convincing face (because suffering as he does from the Stockholm Syndrome as a result of the Holocaust, he is convinced of his own distortions), is that Jewish law is not used in the court system that he commandeered because it did not continue to develop. While it is true that Jewish law’s development was arrested during the early Middle Ages, give or take, it is also true that some of it could have been adapted. Jewish Law could have been updated and revised to suit modern times. No attempt was made to update Jewish law. Moreover, what is important in Jewish law is the basic *moral* structure of the laws. We could have revised, and drafted, laws in keeping with the moral Spirit and Vision of our Prophets, even as they might have applied to modern circumstances.

The other insulting lie he tells is that the Jews are not amenable to Jewish law. Public opinion in the state that presumes to call itself Israel is manufactured. This animosity was manufactured and encouraged.

Aaron Barak wreaked havoc on the court system, which was already showing signs of serious moral compromise when he became influential. He was an intellectual giant, with a concomitantly stunted moral structure who fancied himself a liberal, like Soros. Today, politicians in this state, who are equally morally stunted, but not nearly as brilliant as he, are trying to undo the damage he did – further exasperating (exacerbating a medical state) the already moribund state of the court system in the state that presumes to call itself Israel.


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