A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


I’ve said a number of times recently that we use our minds to describe reality.

I’ve said that some people think the term ‘describe reality’ means that there is a pre-existing reality that we observe and try to report on more or less accurately. For them, there *is* a pre-existing reality that they can but describe as accurately as possible *because that is the directive they are giving to reality*.

I’ve also said that the term ‘describe reality’ should be taken much more literally. In contraction to what we’ve been taught about the being “spiritual”‘ higher states of consciousness, and therefore, higher states of freedom and choice, are not more abstract and allegorical, but more literal. That is why they are more real.

Wisdom resides in becoming more actual, not more spiritual.

We need to understand that our minds describe reality – not a pre-existing reality – but in real time, or, more accurately, in immediacy.

Those of us who make the jump to the higher way of using their minds to describe reality are going to survive what is going on.

Those who don’t are going to be caught in the reality they think they are describing – because they are actually creating it and are totally invested in it.

What is transpiring in the world is not about politics folks. A window of opportunity into another, better, reality has opened. I suggest we make the jump. Yes, it’s a leap of blind faith and that is always scary. But then, consider the alternative. If you look at your Life, you’ll see that you’ve been being prepared by making a leap of faith into using your mind differently by many of the experiences you’ve encountered. Consciousness must fly out of the nest. We all have to make that maiden voyage and fly.

The old ways of  thinking have become horrors because we should have taken wing long ago and we’re getting too big for the nest of this low level of consciousness to feel comfortable. We are too big for this crib –which is becoming more and more of a cage.

You are *not* at the mercy of Hillary, the CIA or anyone else. It is not this or that candidate who can save you from the effects of your own consciousness. Those are constructs of the mind – and they are overcome by entering a reality in which such constructs are things we’ve left behind – even as Children leave behind the monsters under the bed and in the shadows as they grow.



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