A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

The “State of Israel” must be recognized for what it is – the most sophisticated Programme of Genocide that has ever been devised.
Just as a Native cannot live as a Native without the land, so a Jew cannot live as a Jew without our moral Tradition.
The Heart and Soul of Judaism is the Moral Teachings. All the rest are to the purpose of preparing us to take on the Moral Teachings and live them out in our everyday life, or are excrescence that attached to the religion and grew on it.
In the “State of Israel” we Jews are required to be immoral on pain of punishments of all kinds – including prosecution at the hands of a judicial system that has recently been described by highly respected judicial experts as a “total jungle”.
We are required to do banking in a system that exacts interest. The Repossession Authority in “the State of Israel” is cruel beyond belief. Some of the poor people who feel afoul of it immolated themselves in the streets. Most recently, the Repo Authority seized the drivers’ licenses of some hundred thousand people in debt.
Business people must cheat and “cut corners”, and often pay “protection” in order to remain operating.
Physicians are put in the position of compromising our health.
God only knows the moral compromises that judges and lawyers make as a workaday norm.
We either turn a blind eye to the Child Trafficking in Israel, or we are prosecuted according to laws that the state retains from the Ottoman Empire – the same barbaric medieval empire responsible for the Genocide of the Armenian People.
Our Children are taught to hate from infancy and are sent to war directly after high school.
The ambient immorality is designed to make us die a little or a lot, as Jews, every day.
It is high time that we discussed this matter publicly. We Jews were sold a bill of goods. We were meant to believe that if we came here we could live as Jews and be allowed to develop our moral Culture.
In fact, “the State of Israel” is one of the most dangerous places on Earth to be a Jew and the most dangerous place on Earth to be a Moral Jew.
I do not believe this is by accident, but by design and the world must be ready to admit that the Jews are being subjected to a one of a kind Programme of Genocide – the killing of us morally. A Jew who is no longer moral is no longer a Jew at all.
The “State of Israel” is the hardest test we Jews have ever endured. It is Soul-crushing painful to live, day in and day out, and be required to do what is inimical to Judaism, and witness this happening all around us as a matter of social course, in order not to be hounded and persecuted and even prosecuted by the “State of Israel” or to give in.
Moral Genocide of the Jews in the “State of Israel” must be recognized for what it is and we must find a way of surviving this morally.

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