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Trial by Social Media

A few times a week we are shown some horrific story on Facebook, or elsewhere on the net, or on the news, and are urged to render judgement as to what should be done with so horrible a miscreant.

This is the story of the Prophet Natan who was sent to King David after David had Uriah killed in order to take his wife, Bat Sheva.

And the LORD sent Nathan unto David. And he came unto him, and said unto him: ‘There were two men in one city: the one rich, and the other poor.

The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds;

but the poor man had nothing save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and reared; and it grew up together with him, and with his children; it did eat of his own morsel, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter.

And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him, but took the poor man’s lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him.’

And David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan: ‘As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this deserveth to die;

and he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity.’

And Nathan said to David: ‘Thou art the man.

2 Samuel Chapter 1

Whenever we are confronted with a story about someone who did something terrible and are asked: What should we do to such a one? Know this: the details of the infraction have been changed just enough for us not to be able to readily recognize that it is we who are being described and the punishment we decree, is the one we bring on ourselves.

Let’s resolve to seek correction, not punishment.




We know it when we get to The Promised Land. I cannot elaborate on how we know it, but we do – without a shadow of a doubt.

The Promised Land is the Land whereon God’s Law is the Law of the Land. It is not a stationary spot. It moves with us because it our contact with the material reality that makes wherever we step Holy Ground. This happens when God’s Law becomes the Law we want to live in accordance with. We are not subjected to God’s Law. It is the Law of our free will. It is the Law we would live according to even if it was not God’s Law. It is Our Law.

That Land is an island whereon only other Citizens can tread. No man-made laws can touch us there. No invader can reach us there.

The Holy Land is wherever the Holy touch. This is the Truth of the Promised Land, the real Land of Yisra’El.


Israel Demands World Internet Censorship

There is a delay on every tap of my keyboard. I, like many other Israelis considered too socially aware for the comfort of the gov’t, am monitored continuously. I often get strange flags on FB and on the net when I try to access sites.
This is not an exaggeration to what is going on and what their plans are.
Israelis who criticize the gov’t are already being prosecuted. I am one of them.
A law was just passed that makes it illegal for journalists who work for state-owned news outlets to express an opinion.
Journalists have been arrested, sued and are subject to all manners of persecution and prosecution.
A blogger who writes in Hebrew about Israel from outside Israel had his blog taken down.
A law was passed that allows the gov’t to get a court order to take any post of any Israeli down off the net without having to provide just cause to the courts.
I have found one of my comments on FB left blank.
As the Israeli gov’t descends into utter madness, and as the darkest secrets of the State of Israel are being revealed – like the selling of Jewish babies from Yemen for adoption and, some say, experimentation, in order to secure arms comes out, as the Netanayahu family are being investigated for crimes so serious the public is not made privy to the nature of the investigations – they grow more desperate.
I promise you, they so intend to silence the world. What they are doing to us, they intend to do to you. They do not know limits. They have no respect for Human dignity, freedoms or rights.

Do you know what a Concentration Camp is?

Do you know what a Concentration Camp is?

A Concentration Camp is any camp within which you concentrate your thoughts, emotions, opinions and with which you fully identify – usually as opposed to some other Concentration Camp.

Whether it is the Left Concentration Camp or the Right Concentration camp, it is designed to annihilate your thoughts and deprive you of freedom.

Is it really your intention to participate in your own internment?


The Absolute Necessity of Telling the Truth about the Mistaken Rabbinic Interpretation of Judaism

When I speak of the folly and error, and yes, danger, of Rabbinic Judaism; I do not do so with hatred in my Heart. I speak as their Mother, their Sister and their Daughter. I am profoundly and continuously aware that the Rabbis are the Sons of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs and that the merit of our Mothers and Fathers is always with them. I am aware that, were I wrong, I would be bringing danger upon myself for misrepresenting gentle and pure Souls. I am aware that most of the Rabbis were inducted into Babylonian idol worship as Children and that the Law of kidnapped Children who were forced to sin is in force in their case.

With that, I must speak because I am also deeply aware of the suffering that the Rabbis have brought upon the Jews and the Gentiles alike and this must end.

I do not, God forbid, ask for punishment for the Rabbis. But they must be made aware of their error in order for the world to be repaired.

It is enough that they admit their error, resolve to desist and turn to HaShem with prayers to be shown the true Way of Torah. It will be very hard for the Rabbis to do this. Just experiencing the difficulty alone will be to their merit. Overcoming the pain of self-denial will be the beginning of their purification.  Tshuvah (Repentance) does indeed rectify the world in the present, future *and past* – as the Rabbis themselves teach. All they need to do is return to HaShem with a pure heart and the damage they have done will begin to be repaired. Yes, they will have to make amends. But that need not be punishment – only exertion on their part.

Prozbul has been the source of the impoverishment of the entire world. The Rabbis must overcome their appeals to authority and their fear of overturning clearly mistaken decisions and return to the Sabbatical laws and the laws of the Jubilees in Torah. Additionally, you must nullify the Rabbinical license for banks to extract interest. You have no authority to give such license. Those who insist upon Prozbul are responsible for the deaths and suffering of the poor all over the planet – Jewish and Gentile alike. You must admit this and make amends. There is no need to punish you. When you see how deeply you have harmed Humanity, you will suffer deeply enough. No one needs to add to that.

The world is not, de facto and a priori, as the Rabbis have described it. Jewish women are not as the Rabbis have described us. The Gentiles are not as the Rabbis have described them. The Rabbis are as they have described the world. They have projected their own consciousness onto to the world. People, and matter itself, mirror our own thoughts and feeling and *expectations* back to us. If the Rabbis expect, and are convinced, that the Gentiles and Jewish Women are in a defiled state as a matter of fact, they will make that come true as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If one walks through the world expecting Gentiles to be violent and to hate us and being convinced that Women are unclean and confer defilement, incapable of clear judgment, lazy and so vain as to take great pleasure in mirrors and jewelry – that is what we are going to look like to them. In fact, the actual truth of the mirror concerning Women is this:  Women reflect back to men what the men expect of us.

There is no greater creative power in creation than the mind and heart of Women, particularly Jewish Women. You have stolen our happiness from us. You have made us hate our Bodies and think we are weak. You have taught us not to trust our minds or our emotions. Worst, you have made us have to act as if we are happy. The result is: We are living in a world of profound sadness and what little happiness there is in the world is fake and artificial. Because the Rabbis have degraded Jewish Women, Women all over the world are degraded – raped, mutilated, enslaved and deprived of dignity.

The Gentiles are not violent and bloodthirsty de facto. They do not hate us because we are so holy, and they so debased, that they are twisted with jealousy. Rather, because the Jews who believe the Rabbis walk through the world believing the descriptions of the Gentiles of the Rabbis – the Gentiles pick up on their expectations and attitudes about them and their subconscious cues to the Gentiles and reflect them back to them.

The Rabbis are ultimately responsible for all of the suffering of the Jewish People at the hands of the Gentiles because they taught us to hate and fear Gentiles and to expect that they desire to harm us. So, we gave them license to do so. We empowered them to want to harm us and even to actually harm us with our expectations and the subliminal messages we sent them. We were obedient to the Rabbis and it cost us being the subject of atrocities.

The Gentiles are the Children of the Jewish Soul when we learn Torah. As our intentions and emotions and thoughts are when we learn Torah, so the Gentiles are formed and enlivened. Let us love them and bless them with every holy movement of the Soul, every beautiful intention of the Heart, every elevated creation of the Mind and healthy and strong form of the Body!

I am aware that the enormity of the sins of the Rabbis is so great that they will fear admitting to themselves, and to the world, the truth of what they have done. And so I say: I forgive you. But you must admit your error to yourselves, to HaShem, to the Jewish People, to the Gentiles and resolve to mend your ways.

When you do this, not only will the Jewish People as a whole be returned to HaShem, not only will the Gentiles be elevated to their most perfect Form, but matter itself will be redeemed and will no longer provide a platform for sin.

Know that, although I do not mince words and will not indulge in denial of the severity and depth of the sin of the Rabbis – I speak in love for You and I know that there is nothing that has been damaged that HaShem cannot fix – including, most especially, a damaged and broken Jewish mind and heart when that Jew returns to HaShem in true repentance and sorrow for the harm they caused.


What is Witchcraft?

When people think of witchcraft they think of cackling crones stirring cauldrons or men in  long robes performing strange rituals at Freemason lodges, their faces hidden in cowls.

That’s not witchcraft. That’s wannabe nonsense.

Witchcraft is the cynical manipulation of the fact that the untrained mind is highly suggestible and planting suggestions such that people live out their self-fulfilling prophecies to their detriment.

Witchcraft is phrasing sentences in such a way that all kinds of ideas about reality are presumed to be true, a priori, and not subject to change or amelioration.

When one’s authority over others is brought to bear in so doing, the witchcraft is all the more reprehensible.

When one pretends that one is a representative of God, and/or a teacher and/or an interpreter of God’s will and cynically manipulates suggestible minds, one is practicing witchcraft on the most egregious level – the level of the Talmud.

What baseless, and negative presumptions about God and the immutable nature of reality are to be found in the following quotes from the Talmud?:

“Three precious gifts that are given to the Jewish people, but they can only be acquired through suffering and hardship: The Torah, The Land of Israel, and the World to Come.” – Tractate Berachot 5a

Wow! How condemnatory a statement about HaShem and how bleak a world view is that?!

About Women:

Thus, women were given greater understanding (BT Niddah 45b); women are light minded (BT Kiddushin 80b). Women are more familiar with handling guests (BT Berakhot 10b); women are stingier with their guests (BT Bava Mezia 87a). Women are thieves (Genesis Rabbah 45:5); it is not the way of women to steal (Nahmanides, Numbers 5:6). Women are lazy (Genesis Rabbah 45); women do not sit around idly (JT Ketubbot 5:6).

Several sweeping statements address the general tendencies of women to be compassionate (BT Megillah 14b), holy and pure (Sifrei, Deuteronomy, Ki Tezei), talkative (BT Kiddushin 49b), and given to tears (BT Bava Mezia 59a). Women are less easily appeased than men (BT Niddah 31b) and a woman is an unfinished vessel until she enters a relationship with a man who will be her husband and “creator” (BT Sanhedrin 22b). A woman is comfortable in her mother’s house (Genesis Rabbah 60:7) and content only in her husband’s house (Ruth Rabbah 2:16). Women’s needs differ from those of men, so when they are commanded to rejoice for the holidays they celebrate with new clothing while men drink wine (BT Pesahim 109a). Detailed Shabbat laws address how to deal with a woman’s propensity to wear jewelry and perfume.

Source: http://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/nature-of-women

I suggest you prepare some chamomile tea to settle your tummy before you read the rest of that page.

Understand that girls and boys are taught these pronunciations as unquestionable descriptions about their own existence that issued from the mouths of Sages whose authority cannot be questioned, for fear of being struck down by Heaven, from the time they are babies. None of these statements are necessarily true, of course. They are suggestions to the mind, not descriptions of an immutable reality. And they are devastating suggestions.

The very idea that one should concentrate on “the afterlife” takes one out of this world and sets one up for accepting their own suffering and that of others with stoicism because, the Rabbis teach, there is an eternal reward in “the next world”.

These ideas are the basis of many of the ideas that were adopted in still cruder and more dangerous form by the Christians and Muslims. All of the errant ideas in Christianity and Islam are hyperboles of errant Rabbinic ideas.

This is the Talmud in English on line. Take a look at it.
Make a big pot of chamomile tea.


The Talmud is not good for the Jews, nor it is good for anyone else and the people whose minds and emotional structures are saturated with it will bring only misery upon you as they have brought misery upon the Jews. The Rabbis want us to believe that the horrors that have befallen us are due to the basically cruel and perverted nature of the Gentiles. In fact, they were the self-fulfilling prophecies of obedient Jews who were raised on Talmud, believed every word of it and, therefore, drew calamity upon themselves like a magnet by broadcasting hate, pessimism and even perversion to the Creation.

And speaking of Freemasons. There are too many Rabbis who do that too. Here it Tzfat, I was told by a former Mayor that there was no way to become an influential person in town without belonging to the Freemason lodge. He bragged that his grandfather, an ultra-Orthodox Jews, was a member.

I’m intentionally giving you Jewish sources of information. This is not coming from anti-Semitic sites.






When I first posted Proverbs 8 on Facebook, I got the first flag.

When I posted that in Hebrew Proverbs 8 is equal to the expression For Mashiach, I got the second flag:

BINGO! That’s the coded message. All of the information we need about bringing Mashiach is written into Proverbs 8.



Learn from the Rabbis to Your Peril

Learn from the Rabbis to Your Peril

The Mind of Torah is delving into the depths of the Human Mind. The Heart of Torah is the delving into the depths of the Human Heart. The Soul of Torah is delving into the depths of the Human Soul.

The Rabbis have only gotten to the shallow end of the pool of stage one – trying to understand the Mind of Man.

They do not have the courage, the fortitude or the honesty to delve into the Heart of Man. If they did, their relationship to Women would be very, very different. They denigrate the Heart of man continuously, do not trust the Heart and are not seeing the Holiness and potential in the Human Heart. They are speaking from their own fear and lack of love.

They have only the vaguest idea what the Soul of Man is. We do not get to the Soul of Man unless we confront the Heart of Man and see the Holiness and Beauty therein.

You have a Mind. You have a Heart. You have a Soul. You are able to delve into them to the best of your individual abilities – which, I suspect, might be in excess of that of the Rabbis.

Learn from the Rabbis to your peril. They have no intentions for you to reach higher levels than the levels they are able to achieve – which means they don’t love you much.


The Talmud is a Test that the Jews Put Before Themselves

The Talmud is a Test that the Jews Put Before Themselves

The Talmud is a test that the Jews put before themselves. It is a very difficult test that comes at us on many levels and engages us on many channels: appearing to be Torah, appealing to authority, threats, needing to be part of a society, wanting to be loyal, enjoying the intellectual challenge of it, telling us that we are special and elect…. Very, very compelling and difficult the Talmud test is.
Those who are ready to come into GodConsciousness feel instinctively that the Talmud is a distortion.

Those who really love HaShem get past the Talmud test. Those who are not ready to come into full GodConsciousness wallow in the mire of Babylon until they are.

The premise of the Talmud is that the Torah is a Book of laws and there is a need to know how to carry out those laws.

In fact, Torah is the instruction manual that teaches us how to attain the moral level requisite to control our Bodies – and thus the entire Creation.

Anyone who doesn’t see through the ruse of the Talmud does not only because they are not capable of enough love to come into GodConsciousness.

In every generation, most fail the test. They all come around and begin to learn real Torah…eventually.



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