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When one is fully immersed in one of the true Wisdom disciplines, one’s Body changes gradually. The learning and practice become imprinted on the Body.

Gradually, the learning becomes a *somatic*, not an intellectual, experience.

So long as one is learning with one’s Mind alone, one is in a state of dissociation of Mind from the Body. At this stage we have still not taken up permanent residence in our Body. We are floating above ourselves. We think that Mind is greater than Body and hold ourselves aloof from our Body.

Be absolutely certain that anyone who speaks about “spirituality” has not attained Wisdom.
In a normal state of consciousness, the senses are experienced as that which allow us to experience the “outside world”, which appears to exist in and of itself.

The senses are spoken of symbolically, but not actually as that which they are thought of as experiencing. So, we hear said: That was a tasteful thing to do or say. This hints at a nascent awareness of the fact that the sense of taste is identified with being able to perceive that which is tasteful in words or deeds and that taste itself is Wisdom.

Gradually, the senses themselves become the Knowing itself.

We experience seeing as Wisdom. We see Wisdom. We also perceive our very sight as Wisdom.

Touch is experienced as Joy itself. Not only is touching a Joy, but the sense of Touch is Joy.

Taste becomes Wisdom and that which perceives Wisdom. We are able to understand the complex teachings in the various complex tastes.

Our sense of smell becomes the very embodiment of the fact that smell imparts knowledge. We are able to understand the Wisdom in a scent. We can understand the various messages in the levels of the complex scents.

Our sense of Hearing becomes the experience of Knowing Wisdom.

In this state, we still use the senses to perceive, but, more importantly they *are* the Wisdom itself – and we are profoundly, profoundly grateful to our Ancestors who bequeathed these Bodies to us and we invite them to come and live with us and experience our senses with us. This is the truth of the Resurrection of the Dead.


Orthodox Synagogue Hires Female “Rabbanit” in First for Israel

Orthodox Synagogue Hires Female “Rabbanit” in First for Israel


I have mixed feelings about this.

I understand this is as an attempt to advance the position of Women in Israel. And that is one of the problems. It is a gesture.

I fear this will come to the same end as the feminist movement and for many of the same reasons.

Women should not be taking places in the world that men have created, according to the rules that men have created and be expected to perform in accordance with the standards of men.

Women should not be measured against male standards of excellence, should not adapt to male standards of moral achievement, should not take on male standards of intellectual achievement and should not see themselves through male eyes.

Doing so has caused us nothing but grief, and, I should say, not a small amount of ignominy, in all of the areas of business, government, military, health, education…in which women tried to perform like men.

It will be worse when Women lower themselves to the standards of the Rabbis.

It is bad enough the Jewish men sully themselves with the Talmud. A woman in this position would have to do so as well. She could not take up this position without having spent many years learning Talmud. The Talmud was devised by men who attempted to arrogate the position of Women in holiness and tried to ceremonially re-enact the Life-giving that only Women can accomplish.

We have to remember Who We Jewish Women really are and ask why it is that the first and last letters of the Name Elohim spell out Em – Mother – not do a parody of OurSelves of a parody of ourselves.

Our Subconscious – Our Buried Memories and Feelings and Thoughts are Our Ancestors’ Consciousness

Our Subconscious – Our Buried Memories and Feelings and Thoughts are Our Ancestors’ Consciousness

We are the Representatives of all of our Ancestors. We are “fronting” for them. We are actually a composite of all of them – not just genetically, but on every level of our being. We *are* them – just remixed.

There is no difference between a buried Ancestor and a repressed or suppressed Memory or Thought.

Our pre-conscious and subconscious *are* our Ancestors.

Until we are aware of this, we are in a state of Dissociative Amnesia and we are at the mercy of those Ancestors trying to find Peace through us, often in unpleasant ways. We, paradoxically, don’t normally become conscious of this until we have done a lot of repair work – unless someone who has experienced the process of coming into this awareness tells us what is really going on beneath the surface of our conscious feelings and thoughts.

There is no “out there” versus “in here”. There is only Here. When someone is buried in the ground, they are buried in the Ground of Being.

To the extent that they were at Peace when they died, our Ancestors are at Peace within us. To the extent that they were not at Peace when they died, they are not at Peace within us. Those are the feelings of apprehension, “irrational” fears, depression, “irrational” impulses and other unpleasant feelings that we experience, apparently for not proximate reasons.

If we have a heavy legacy of unhappy Ancestors we will be troubled with upsetting emotions, challenged with physical problems and/or confronted with overwhelming experiences. We are not defective if this happens to us! It is actually a badge of merit that says: A lot of very unhappy people have invested their hopes in You. Knowing this won’t make our lives less chaotic, perhaps, but we will not feel that our troubles are our fault. We are only faulted with the unkindness we do.

We need not concentrate on our Ancestors,  that is maudlin. Neither should we try to contact them. That is necromancy. Necromancy has awful effects on us. It is not the way to bring about Peace.

There is a reason why the word before is paradoxical. If someone comes before us in time, they are as though behind us. If someone stands before us, they are in front of us.

In our current reality all of the elements for putting our Ancestors to rest are, well, present. If we do the best we can to create Peace here and now, if we greet the descendants of those our Ancestors interacted with to better or worse with welcoming acceptance; we may be assured that we are creating Peace for those who come “after” us – and for those of us who came “before”.


Trial by Social Media

A few times a week we are shown some horrific story on Facebook, or elsewhere on the net, or on the news, and are urged to render judgement as to what should be done with so horrible a miscreant.

This is the story of the Prophet Natan who was sent to King David after David had Uriah killed in order to take his wife, Bat Sheva.

And the LORD sent Nathan unto David. And he came unto him, and said unto him: ‘There were two men in one city: the one rich, and the other poor.

The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds;

but the poor man had nothing save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and reared; and it grew up together with him, and with his children; it did eat of his own morsel, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter.

And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him, but took the poor man’s lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him.’

And David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan: ‘As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this deserveth to die;

and he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity.’

And Nathan said to David: ‘Thou art the man.

2 Samuel Chapter 1

Whenever we are confronted with a story about someone who did something terrible and are asked: What should we do to such a one? Know this: the details of the infraction have been changed just enough for us not to be able to readily recognize that it is we who are being described and the punishment we decree, is the one we bring on ourselves.

Let’s resolve to seek correction, not punishment.




We know it when we get to The Promised Land. I cannot elaborate on how we know it, but we do – without a shadow of a doubt.

The Promised Land is the Land whereon God’s Law is the Law of the Land. It is not a stationary spot. It moves with us because it our contact with the material reality that makes wherever we step Holy Ground. This happens when God’s Law becomes the Law we want to live in accordance with. We are not subjected to God’s Law. It is the Law of our free will. It is the Law we would live according to even if it was not God’s Law. It is Our Law.

That Land is an island whereon only other Citizens can tread. No man-made laws can touch us there. No invader can reach us there.

The Holy Land is wherever the Holy touch. This is the Truth of the Promised Land, the real Land of Yisra’El.


Israel Demands World Internet Censorship

There is a delay on every tap of my keyboard. I, like many other Israelis considered too socially aware for the comfort of the gov’t, am monitored continuously. I often get strange flags on FB and on the net when I try to access sites.
This is not an exaggeration to what is going on and what their plans are.
Israelis who criticize the gov’t are already being prosecuted. I am one of them.
A law was just passed that makes it illegal for journalists who work for state-owned news outlets to express an opinion.
Journalists have been arrested, sued and are subject to all manners of persecution and prosecution.
A blogger who writes in Hebrew about Israel from outside Israel had his blog taken down.
A law was passed that allows the gov’t to get a court order to take any post of any Israeli down off the net without having to provide just cause to the courts.
I have found one of my comments on FB left blank.
As the Israeli gov’t descends into utter madness, and as the darkest secrets of the State of Israel are being revealed – like the selling of Jewish babies from Yemen for adoption and, some say, experimentation, in order to secure arms comes out, as the Netanayahu family are being investigated for crimes so serious the public is not made privy to the nature of the investigations – they grow more desperate.
I promise you, they so intend to silence the world. What they are doing to us, they intend to do to you. They do not know limits. They have no respect for Human dignity, freedoms or rights.

Do you know what a Concentration Camp is?

Do you know what a Concentration Camp is?

A Concentration Camp is any camp within which you concentrate your thoughts, emotions, opinions and with which you fully identify – usually as opposed to some other Concentration Camp.

Whether it is the Left Concentration Camp or the Right Concentration camp, it is designed to annihilate your thoughts and deprive you of freedom.

Is it really your intention to participate in your own internment?


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