A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

VIDEO Message to the UN after Hearing in Court for “Insulting a Social Worker”

Any Jew in Israel who has come face-to-face with the Israeli government is immeasurably more afraid of the government than of the Arabs.

There is no such thing as a government that persecutes another People that does not persecute its own People. The persecution of others is to the purposes of generating revenues, keeping their own population in a state of disabling, extreme fear and insecurity and to the purpose of creating a smokescreen that hides what is being done to those the government deems expendable for whatever reason: race, disability, poverty… The government of the state that presumes to call itself Israel, which persecuting the Jewish People is no exception.

There is now enough material on the subject of Child Trafficking of Jewish Children in the state that wants you to believe it’s Israel on the net in English to bear out what I am saying is true.

I am taking my Life in my hands by saying this, quite literally. Two of my dear friends who spoke out about Child Trafficking in Israel died strange, untimely deaths and there were more that I know of, but was not in personal contact with them.

In reality, we Jewish Israelis are much more afraid of our gov’t than of the Arabs, despite all of the terrorizing propaganda that seeks to make us fear and hate the Arabs.

This video is being sent to the UN as part of a joint Complaint filed by Israelis who have had their Children kidnapped and stolen and the Human Rights Activists who are talking about it who are being prosecuted for “insulting public officials”. There are “public servants” in Israel who kidnap Children for profit under cover of the State. Sometimes, like in the case of the Child Welfare Officer who is complaining against me for “insulting her”, they also abuse the Children over and above having been ripped out of their homes for their own amusement. Please come and speak to real Jews in the state that presumes to call Israel. We will tell you the truth. We are trying to get the truth out. For our efforts, we are being investigated and prosecuted by no less than the Office of Special Operations in Israel. Yes, Parents who have had their Children kidnapped and trafficked by the State of Israel and those of us who are trying to get the world out are being investigated by the same Office that investigates and prosecutes terrorists and investigates, but more often than not does not prosecute, the worst of organized criminals. Please help us. The government has passed legislation that allows them to take down posts on the internet. Journalists are being arrested, interrogated and sued. Activist parents are being subjected to all manners of persecution and prosecution.

The UN has received numerous reports about the Trafficking of Jewish Children in Israel. They received detailed Reports of hundreds of pages from professionals. In a communication with me some years ago, a UN representative told me that they are aware of the situation and fully apprised, but they cannot do anything because the wily gov’t of the state that calls itself Israel, even as it persecutes Jews, including Jewish Children, signed the Convention on the Rights of a Child as a nominal supporter, but is not beholden to the terms of the Convention. So, the UN can do nothing when they contravene it.




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