A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

There is a delay on every tap of my keyboard. I, like many other Israelis considered too socially aware for the comfort of the gov’t, am monitored continuously. I often get strange flags on FB and on the net when I try to access sites.
This is not an exaggeration to what is going on and what their plans are.
Israelis who criticize the gov’t are already being prosecuted. I am one of them.
A law was just passed that makes it illegal for journalists who work for state-owned news outlets to express an opinion.
Journalists have been arrested, sued and are subject to all manners of persecution and prosecution.
A blogger who writes in Hebrew about Israel from outside Israel had his blog taken down.
A law was passed that allows the gov’t to get a court order to take any post of any Israeli down off the net without having to provide just cause to the courts.
I have found one of my comments on FB left blank.
As the Israeli gov’t descends into utter madness, and as the darkest secrets of the State of Israel are being revealed – like the selling of Jewish babies from Yemen for adoption and, some say, experimentation, in order to secure arms comes out, as the Netanayahu family are being investigated for crimes so serious the public is not made privy to the nature of the investigations – they grow more desperate.
I promise you, they so intend to silence the world. What they are doing to us, they intend to do to you. They do not know limits. They have no respect for Human dignity, freedoms or rights.

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