A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


I’ve been thinking and feeling deeply about Multiculturalism. I do believe in multiculturalism – *after* one has made Peace with one’s own People.

Folks who run from their own cultural context because it is a shambles will not likely find Peace elsewhere.

First we face the folks who look most like ourselves – because they are the aspects of ourselves closest to our Hearts, our Brains and our Guts. When we have mastered ourselves to the extent needed to embrace those close to our core with a whole Heart, we can, and should, turn toward integrating our more external limbs.

I also feel that our Soul resonates with our Soil. We have to make Peace on our own Soil first before we can think about sharing our seeds elsewhere or even transplanting ourselves. We must be able to understand that our necessary and desirable, but ultimately expendable if need be, limbs are Others’ Heart and Brain and Guts.

People think I am racist when I say that the colonists all over the world need to go home and the descendants of African slaves need to go back to Africa. Those who can see my Family album will know that I am not a racist. Also, my Family has lived on 4 in the last 4 generations. I know of which I speak and have only Humanity’s best interests at Heart.

This is also the answer to the question I get receive quite often: ‘Why don’t you leave Israel if you’re so unhappy there?’
Can you think of a People more in need of those who individuals who understand the need to make internal Peace to remain within the Body of the People than the Jews?

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