A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


No Jewish man, not matter how great he is, not any Rebbe, can attain the level of the Jewish Woman. Only the Prophets attained that level because they could hear the Voice of God on the level of Mother and they received those Teachings without imagining themselves to be greater than the level of Supernal Mother.

The Name Elohim begins with Aleph and ends with Mem – Em – Mother. Understand this!

The author of the Zohar did not understand the Heart of the Jewish Woman. The Lubavitcher Rebbe did not. None of the famous Rabbis with big followings reached that level. Jewish men must find the humility to accept this Truth.

Only Jewish Women can understand the Being of Jewish Women. For the men that level is called ayain – because they cannot perceive it. The level of the Jewish Women is where Jewish male mystics “black out” and cannot perceive though they know there is Godliness there.

If we are going to repair the world, we Jewish Women are going to have to recall our true Place. No Jewish man can help us with this because it is above their hearts and above their heads.

This is the Tikkun that only we can do my dear Sisters. Let us stop running away from this Truth. The entire creation depends on Jewish Women in full God consciousness.

The tikkun of the Jewish men is to find the humility requisite to be able to accept that the highest orders of Heaven are for the Jewish Woman and accept that with joy and love.

Let me explain why the Rabbis didn’t want us Jewish Women to know the truth of our Being.
You see, when a Woman gets to the level of Compassion of knowing Torah (Torah is equal to the Hebrew expression: you are pregnant) profoundly, and gets deeply in touch enough with her Body so that the process of pregnancy is made *conscious* to her – she then knows not only to build a Human Body, but also to dissemble it and return it to any embryonic state and even before conception.
And the knowledge of building a Human Body is one and the same with knowing how to create any World. A woman who knows how to create a Human Body in her Womb necessarily knows how to create Universes.
That is what is called Ma’aseh Beresheet – Genesis. Male Jewish mystics talk about Ma’aseh Beresheet. A Jewish Woman in full-on God consciousness can actually do it at will.
And yes, my Jewish Sisters, we all have that knowledge within us. The Jewish woman is Elohim.
It is time we came out of denial.

Jewish men: What do you *really* want – Tikkun Olam or to continue your position of power based on untruths about Torah?


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