A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

Of Fractals, Rectums and Other Profound Wisdom

When the cells in my rectum send a message to my brain saying they need oxygen or sugar or are in some other need or distress, I would not expect my brain to answer: ‘Don’t bother me! You’re an asshole. You’re disgusting. If you were a brain like me, you’d be able to synthesize your own sugar and get your own oxygen. Get lost!’ – the way I do with People who send me signals that I don’t like the feel of.

There are two reasons I don’t expect my brain to react that way. The first is that I expect that my brain issues to all of the cells in my body that which they signal they need without discrimination. That is to the good of the entire body, including my brain.

The second reason I don’t expect that to happen is because I presume that my body functions autonomically. I was told, or rather I understood from what I was told that, chemical and electrical signals are sent, received, responded to – all very neatly, efficiently and entirely lacking in emotional or social content, which, I further presumed, only happens on what I understood to be the social level of reality.

It is precisely because of the latter presumptions that, till today, my Body functioned autonomically and the mastery over my Body, which I sought, evaded me. Once when I was much younger, I misunderstood what was explained to me about the nature of my Body and since then I have making these presumptions and so my Body has been presenting itself to my consciousness in accordance with my presumptions. Until today.

It was today that I realized that there is absolutely no difference between a person signaling to you that they need something and our cells signaling to our brain. It is one and the same process.

The understanding of how my Body is working – in the form of the other People coming into my life, that eluded me, was the very reason that the limited conception I had of what my Body is was working autonomically.

There is nothing hidden from us, nothing subconscious, unconscious, pre-conscious or unknown, except in our own stubborn misunderstanding and presumptions. Those presumptions are the occluded chambers in which the hidden is hidden and locked away.

Once we assume that the signals coming to our brain from our cells can also come in the form of our interactions with “other” People, other, whole, integrated People; we then realize that we are conscious of how our Body works and always have been. We simply refused to recognize Others as our own Cells because we had all sorts of mistaken conceptions about the size, place, sophistication and functioning of our Cells.

And so now, it makes sense why we refer to some people as various members of the Body, some more complimentary and appealing than others. That is exactly what they are, taking on fractal, integrated forms. So the next time an asshole starts talking to us, rather than dismissing him or her; it is best to determine what they are screaming for and provide them with it, insofar as we are able.





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