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Driving the Stars

There are no set times. The arbitrary divisions of time and the intercalation of calendars was the engineering of a cruelly hobbling device for limiting consciousness.

The astronomical bodies are the physical representations (“manifestations”) of our own cognitive and affective states. As we gain mastery over our thoughts and e-motions (that within us which sets bodies in motion and drives them), we see that we can direct the courses of the stars – and, therefore, the courses of events.

The birth of a new understanding is the dawn. The sun begins to ascend when she begins to stand on her own legs. The sun’s path is her journey through the Creation, during which she will meet others and grow rich in experience and will grow in magnitude and strength. The Universe is created out of nothingness for her and as she steps down it is paved before her. The evening is when she returns from her odyssey filled with the satisfaction of realization of her dreams and visions. The night is when she rests in the home of those who gave birth to her and love her.



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