A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

Unsolicited Advice About Occupation from Occupiers

If Americans, Canadians, Australians and other countries built on invasion, occupation, genocide and apartheid were in a moral position to say: ‘Israel, we acknowledge that we were guilty of egregious crimes against Humanity. It was painful to admit this, but we did. We took sincere, persistent, assertive affirmative action to right our wrongs. We have done everything we could. Please listen to us.
And, if then, the Aboriginal Peoples in your countries were to say: Israel, what they say is true. They have arighted their wrongs to the maximum extent Humanly possible and we were able to forgive them. We are now is satisfactory circumstances that allow us to go on with our lives. We endorse them as Guides for you. Please listen to them.’ I, and all decent Israelis would be delighted to learn from you and we would hope that you could Guide us.

But under the current circumstances, when invaders of Native lands preach to us about occupation, my response to you is not: Go to hell. It is: Go to live on a reservation.



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