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Today I began to understand what a monumental accomplishment the creation of ENOUGH is.

It is presumed that everyone is capable of feeling ENOUGH is inborn and it is taken for granted.But that it not true. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to feel when enough is enough.

A person who is not a compulsive eater cannot understand one who is. A person who isn’t endlessly greedy cannot understand one who is. Those of us who had a belly full of corruption decades ago could not understand those who let it go for so long.

The pinnacle of Creation of the Endless One is the creation of the concept: Enough and creating borders. Think about it: God coming up with the idea of Limits.

We have to renew this Creation every day and bless those who do not know when enough is enough, in whatever way, with that capacity.

There cannot be Peace in a Soul or a Body until it can say: Enough for one day – and feel joy with that. This is the secret of: And there was evening and there was morning, one day. Those whose Souls and Minds and Bodies understand: ENOUGH! live Day One of Genesis every day and are Sovereigns in the Kingdom of David.



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