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Describing Reality

Describing Reality

One of the most important Revolutions that we have to bring about it is people learning to use their minds more productively and efficiently.

It is essential that we say what we **want** (will) to be, not try to describe what we assume to be a pre-existing reality. This is not wishful thinking, as those who have disempowered us have taught us to believe. It is issuing Directives to reality.

When we say: Bernie has already won, when we say: Bernie is President of the United States we issue that directive and erase the artificial lines between future and present.

This does not mean that we do not have to act in the present. We most certainly do. Exerting ourselves for what we want is how we prove to ourselves that we consider the investment worthwhile.

But switching from understanding the term: ‘describe reality’ from reporting on what appears to be a given to issuing directives is essential too. Successful people call this “visualizing”. It works.


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