A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


[Edited for the public. Senator Bernard Sanders and Dr. Jane Sanders (who is educated as a Social Worker) received the unedited Report.]

There is an outsourcing of jobs that no one in America talks about, Senator Sanders. It is the most terrible of all.

I am turning to you for urgent help, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and you too Jane O’Meara Sanders. As a person who studied Social Work, you will understand the gravity of these matters deeply.
According to former Manager of the Israeli Bureau of Social Affairs and Social Services, Mr. Yosef Silman, ten thousand Israeli Children are removed from their homes every year and placed in institutions and foster care. He has said publicly that he was reprimanded because he had cut down the number of Children being placed into the institutions to 80% capacity. He said that he was reprimanded by Members of the Israeli government who are under pressure by “lobbyists” to keep the institutions full at all times.

Mr. Silman has said that, tentatively, 50% of the Children removed from their homes are removed for reasons that stem from remedial poverty. They are not abused, they are neglected by their poverty.

Most odd is the fact that it would cost the Israeli tax payers less money to supplement the incomes of the Families of these Children than it does to keep them in institutions. The motivations for removing the Children instead of rehabilitating their Families financially, at lesser cost, must be investigated.

I have already sent you some details of a case against an American Foundation brought by a British-Israeli Family in Israel. The American plaintiff and his/her family own and run a large network of these institutions for Children. Other plaintiffs in the case include various Israeli politicians and government officials, even juvenile judges.

American billionaires who would not dare traffic Jewish Children in America are using the Israeli government to do their dirty work for them.

Most of the Families from whom Children have been removed are either unilingual Hebrew speakers or hail from countries wherein languages are spoken that most Americans and Europeans do not know. Their plaints are never heard. Many Parents who have had their Children removed unjustly have committed suicide or have sunk into the depths of despair.

The most Honorable (retired) Judge, Chana ben Ami, who was both a District Court Judge in Jerusalem and founded the Family Court in Israel said, upon her retirement, that she saw many abuses of the legal system on the part of Child Welfare Officers in Israel. She has said they regularly falsify information. She has spoken publicly about the fact that Child Welfare Officers are required to meet *quotas* of Children for adoption and the falsify documents served to the Courts in order to facilitate the fulfillment of these quotas. She said that she turned to her superiors for assistance in the matter – and received none. She has also said that most judges prefer to turn a blind eye to the falsification of documents served to them.

As a born American citizen and assumed citizen of the Republic of Ireland, I never expected that the State of Israel would retain a law on the books from the medieval Ottoman Empire that makes “insulting a public worker” punishable by imprisonment of up to six months and a fine of well over 10,000 NIS. I didn’t find out about this law until I spoke out publicly about the corruption of Social Services in Israel and the ancillary systems. In so doing, I “insulted” a Child Welfare Officer by reporting that I has received word that she had abused Children in her care, including choking one of them and threatening anther one of them with suffocation using a plastic bag. The matter of the plastic bag is of particular note, as it arose in another context related to this same Child Welfare Officer. As a result a case is pending against me. The Israeli State Attorney’s Office, now the subject of various investigations for gross irregularities with which they are not cooperating, and the subject of a four part series on Israeli Channel 10 outlining know “irregularities” in their functioning in the Israeli courts, is asking for actual jail time for me.

I am not a criminal by any measure in any even poorly functioning Democracy. I exercised my Right as a citizen living in a putative democracy and my Responsibility as a Human Being to speak out about Child Trafficking in the State of Israel. I am a person of Conscience thoroughly disgusted by the Israeli authorities who allow foreign billionaires to have them do dark and terrible things that they could not get done in western countries. I am only one of many people who simply care about Humanity who are now facing prosecution in Israel. Prisoners of Conscience are, sadly, common here. We are tried according to medieval laws kept on the books in Israel form the invading Ottoman Empire.

Thank you for your attention to his most grave matter.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Safed Israel



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