A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

The People Who Fight for Justice Aren’t Badasses

We’re not very tough. We don’t really have the swagger and attitude that it may appear to the public that we have. We certainly aren’t the desperadoes that those who seek to silence us describe us as.

We’re afraid. Very afraid. We cry at night in the dark alone. We know that there are files that carry our names and our ID numbers in offices for special operations. We tremble in fear knowing what might likely happen to us. We know what happened to many of those we loved and admired. We know we are not more deserving of God’s mercies than they were.

There is only one thing that frightens us more than the special operations departments in the Police and SHaBa”K and the State Attorney’s Office. That is that one day our Children or our GrandChildren will say to us: Because you didn’t fight injustice and corruption in your time when it was less than it is now, we suffer more than you. In order to fight the injustice and the corruption such as it is now, we must take greater risks than you had to take. You could have protected us from this. You could have prevented our suffering. But you chose to cover your own ass. So now, we have to do what you did not do at greater risk to ourselves. There is no greater fear than the fear of hearing those words, of looking into their eyes.


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