A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues



There are no abstracts in Creation. Every concept is embodied by real Beings.

Love is not an abstract concept. Love *is* the Being of who and what loves.

Time too is embodied by real Beings.

Time is the collective embodiment of what we have all learned about Love.

Our past is when we knew less about Love than we do now.

Our now is what we understand about Love at any given instant.

What we call “the future” is the realm inhabited by Beings who have learned more about an aspect or expression of Love than we, understand it more profoundly and embody it to a greater extent. To the extent that they have learned more than we and have become embodiments of what they have learned than we, they are, relative to us, the future. They inhabit and maintain the realm, the space that we will grow into.

It is entirely possible, and indeed actual, that to the extent that we have learned and have become the embodiments of other aspects of Love than those who are our future, we are their future. That is to say: If someone is a greater and more loving Parent than I, that person is my future insofar as Love expressed as Parenting goes. If I know more about, say, love as expressed as being a good Neighbor than the person who knows more about loving Parenting than I; I am that person’s future, I am what they will grow to become, in the way in which I’ve mastered Love to a greater extent. The very same person can, and almost invariably is, our present, past and future on various levels of knowing about Love and expressing it in action.

In this way, we all inhabit the past, present and future simultaneously and relatively.

What we call “speed” is the quickening of activity that comes from learning more about Love and the Joy that accompanies it. Joy is expressed in the physical world as greater speed because as we Love more and more we express it to a greater extent and more immediately. The Joy of Love is what causes the phenomena we know as speed and movement. The more we love, the faster we move to express it. We are then, moving always at various speeds.






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