A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

Does Art Imitate Life or Does Life Imitate Art?

Have you noticed that there are scenes in movies that get played out in reality years later? For instance: people have noticed that there were destruction scenes in movies made years before 9/11 that have the number 911 in them. There are other examples.

Most people think it’s because ‘the “illuminati” are telling us what they’re going to do in advance’. That is a helpless way of thinking and not helpful at all. In fact, that thought actually brings about the existence of secret societies and strengthens those that might exist.

No. It’s a scene that has been put into a movie because it is known that a scene that becomes part of the mass consciousness will be played out in reality. That is how those who make movies actually use and manipulate the power of mass consciousness to their purposes. They plant a suggestion into the mass consciousness knowing that is enough to make it play out in reality.

Therefore, it is essential that we guard our minds from suggestions and learn to use our minds proactively and positively and to loving purposes.



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