A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues



It’s very important that people make the consciousness jump from thinking that the term ‘describe reality’ means there is an obdurate, pre-existing reality is “out there” and we can, at best, assess it properly to understanding that ‘describe reality’ means just that: describe reality.


The instant a person thinks and is convinced that they cannot change reality, that person has created a reality that they cannot change. If they act on that thought, they will make the thought a realization. This way of thinking leads to resignation and feelings of hopelessness and despair.


The instant a person thinks and is convinced: maybe there’s a chance, there is hope – there is a chance and hope in their reality. If they act on that thought, they will be living in a world in which possibility and hope exist, but it exist perpetually as possibility that does not come about in actuality. This way of thinking is that of false hope. After an initially pleasant feeling of hope, it leads to frustration and sadness as the hope does not materialize. A person who “lives in hope” is person like the turtle pursuing the carrot being dangled in front of him.


However…the instant a person thinks and is convinced: I will that this world be better – the world becomes instantly better and perpetual betterment becomes a foundation of their world. Their actions make that idea real. A tremendous outpouring of Love issues from the Heart with this noble and mighty Thought. Then the power of the Mind and the Heart fuse – Spirit and Body become one and reality lines up in accordance with our Highest Vision.


We’ve been taught to adapt the first two levels of consciousness. The first leads to despair. The second is a world with illusory hope that makes us feel better, but never comes about really.


Adopting the third way of thinking is the level on which we send the directive out into the creation to become the reality of our highest Will. And then the miracles start to happen.


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