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Terrorist Attacks Against Jews in France…Hmmm

There are interests in the government of the State of Israel that this should happen because it justifies their Fascist actions and makes them seem justified at a time when Israelis are getting sick of the government and its policies and are asking for change.

There are politicians in Israel whose careers depend upon the continuation of anti-Semitism and, treating both Jews and Palestinians as they do, I would not put it past them to put a few Euros into a few hands to do something like this. They purchase acts of terror in Israel as well. There have been many revelations of gross, systemic corruption lately and the government has grown ever more desperate in its measures to maintain control. We’ve had strategically-timed terrorist incidents here in Israel as well.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you their names, because they have also passed draconian laws against free speech lately. Insulting a public official here can carry a maximum term of 6 months in prison and a 14,000 NIS fine. There are many such cases being prosecuted now – including the one I’m invited to on in the Nazareth Courthouse.

Let’s just conclude by saying that French Jews would be ill-advised to think they will be safer here – and they will lose their precious free speech as well. Leaving France for Israel would be a bad deal all in all for them.



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