A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

In a society that has cultivated Wisdom, there is no need for law. In the absence of Wisdom, laws will not help stave off violence.

Codes of law *prevent* people from having the faith in themselves to live spontaneously in the Wisdom of Love. That is why all codes of law are, at base, black magic. There is no code of law that is not destructive of the Human spirit and does not exist to silence our inner Knowledge of what is right and true. The statement that without law people would ravage one another is not a statement of pre-existing fact. It is a hypnotic suggestion.

This is precisely what the Rabbinical establishment, with it’s obsessive-compulsiveness about laws, does not get. And that is why they make a grotesque of themselves more and more as they devise more and more laws and rules and prescribed ways of behaving and responding.
Torah is not a book of law. It is the Book of Wisdom – and all those who learn that Wisdom always know how to act.



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