A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


Years ago, years and years ago; I began to say publicly that Theodore Herzl, the converted-to-Catholicism, self-hating Jew who came up with the idea of a Jewish State when the Jews disappointed him and didn’t convert en masse to Catholicism, as he hoped, meant what he said when he coined the term “final solution” in reference to the State. I said that he meant to Germanize those of us who are weak enough to be divested of our Heritage and kill those of us who wouldn’t. I have said that the State of Israel was founded to the purpose of being the final solution, a term that Herzl, the founder of Zionism as interpreted for the Jews (it is a Germanic ideology actually) stated. In deliberations about whether or not to vote for the establishment of the Jewish state, the idea was accepted in British Parliament only after someone proposed that the Jewish state be established as “the Ulster of the Middle East”. I have said that we Jews are attacked physically and morally on all fronts here in the State of Israel – that the entire State was designed as an all-encompassing programme to either break us morally if they could or destroy us physically if they could not. And I am quite sure that I sounded bonkers to anyone spoon-fed by the media. But now, after all these long years of having been the only voice, Marianne is saying the same things – and so are Israeli lawyers.
The wars are devised to demoralize us and break us physically. Many “Palestinians” are genetically Jews who were forced to convert to Islam only a few generation ago. So, Jews are pitted against Jews.
The physical conditions in the State of Israel lead to much illness.
We are impoverished and overworked so as to weaken us physically and weaken our moral resolve.
Economic conditions pressure us to be immoral in order to be able to survive.
All of the educational systems, be they secular or religious, here are under the control of those who would destroy the Jewish Spirit and divest us of our true Heritage. The destruction of the memory of true Judaism is of paramount importance to the State, because from there we gain our inspiration and strength.
Finally, and most horrifically, there has been an program in force since the inception of the State of Israel to steal our Children from us in order to traumatize us and in order to gain full control over their minds and hearts by trauma. Of course, the institutions that are run for children stolen from their parents are for-profit enterprises. But their real raison-d’etre is to strip Jewish Children of our Heritage, just as was done to the Aboriginal Peoples in the various colonies all over the world.
God bless you, Marianne Azizi for letting this truth be know. May you go from Strength to Strength, from Success to Success.




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