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I’m Still <GAGGING> From My Encounter With Feminists Yesterday

Some Feminist strapped it on and shoved it down my throat that if I’m pro-Women, I’m necessarily a Feminist – whether I know it or not, like it or not, agree with it or not or want to self-define as such or not. She’s determining Me for Me.

Wait, let me spit; then I’ll say what I have to say.

Nobody tells me how to self-define and daring to do that to anyone is a gross and disgusting violation. You hump on people like a horn dog and you made me feel dirty.

I’m not a Feminist. I’m a Humanist.

Men have been as shafted in Capitalist society as Women have. They get a few more peas tossed into their rice, yeah. But at what personal price?

If a prospective employer were to say to me at an interview: Look here, missy; I’ll give you another $20,000 a year over another prospective employee, but I have a few conditions.

1) You have to put the company before your Children ALWAYS. You are loyal to me, not your sniveling kids. Understand?

2) You must never EVER, no matter how rough it gets here, display any vulnerability, any signs of things getting to you.

3) The only emotion you may ever display is anger.

Those are the conditions, missy, same conditions as for the boys. If you can hack them, you can get the same salary that I give to the men to sell their Souls absolutely to me. Deal?


I’d tell him to take that feminist’s strap-on and shove it. And so should the Men. It being socially acceptable to feel and to express emotion, not having to live in an ongoing state of emotional dissociation and being expected to put our Children first are BIG THINGS that the Men are denied in Western, modern, Capitalistic society. Men have been emotionally mutilated in exchange for a few more bucks. That isn’t privilege, you moral moron. It’s the expression of slavery branded for Men. That you can’t see that and aren’t committed equally to the restitution of the full range of Masculine Being and Sanctity as well as to the restitution of our full range of Feminine Being and Sanctity makes me about as sick as your run tell Facebook weakness behind your strapped-on, plastic, ramrod attatood.

<UGH> Still spitting that scum out.


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