A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues



The State of Israel was founded as the “final solution”, in the words of Zionist Theodor Herzl. Yes, it was the Zionist founder of Israel who coined the term “final solution” for the Jews.

The State of Israel was founded to either secularize Jews entirely and make us forget our Tradition [much like the Aboriginal Peoples] or to promulgate a Judaism that is eviscerated and castrated of all moral content and reduced to bizarre ceremonies and arcane, meaningless mysticism.

True Judaism is not “spiritual”. It is the creating of Justice, Truth, Compassion and Peace – which is Godliness – in actuality.


It is not an exaggeration to say that the State of Israel is a much harder test of our moral mettle and devotion to the God of our Mothers and Fathers than was the Diaspora.


Jews who walk in the Way of our Prophets and demand a World of Truth and Justice and Compassion and Peace are systematically hounded and persecuted in the State of Israel. We are subject to having indictments devised on the flimsiest of pretexts and drawn up against us. I, for instance, stand accused of “insulting” a social worker who gleefully destroyed the lives of Children and their Families. The State Attorney’s Office is not in possession of any video they claim I made. My file is EMPTY OF EVIDENCE. Nevertheless, they are convinced they can convict me and send me to prison and I will explain why immediately.


Our defending attorneys are frightened out of their wits by the Prosecution and betray us and cooperate with the Prosecution. We pay dearly for this Betrayal.

Many lawyers in Israel come out of law school and are hired by the State Attorney’s Office. That is where they cut their teeth. That is where they make their first contacts. In this way, they owe their allegiance to the State Attorney’s Office for the remainder of their careers, even if they later become “defense” attorneys. Of course, many of them go on to become Judges. So an innocent defendant is likely to find himself or herself in court with the Prosecution, a “defense” attorney who is indebted to the State Attorney and a Judge in the same position.


Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, of Blessed Memory, was one of the victims of the State of Israel. He was tortured to death over the period of many months for demanding an investigation into the disappearance of Yemenite Jewish babies and children during the first decades of the existence of the sorry State of Israel.

Rabbi Yoshiahu Pinto is now recovering from yet another cancer operation. Still in his 40s, his body is being taken apart piece by piece, even as the prospect of incarceration for bribery, never proven, looms over him.

I am searching for a lawyer who has the courage to stand up to the Prosecution and handle my case such that I am not only found not guilty, but that the State of Israel’s guilt is revealed for all the world to see.


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