A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


Morality is illegal in “The State of Israel”.

Being morally outraged about gross injustice is illegal in the State of Israel.

The “State of Israel” keeps Ottoman laws on the books which are used to persecute Jews who speak out in the name of Jewish morality in this country.

The law that I am being tried under is an Ottoman law against “insulting a public official”. How can a Democracy run if any petty government clerk can claim you’ve “insulted” them and you are liable to a 6 month jail term and a 14,000 NIS fine?

In my case, the State doesn’t even have the video they claim I made! The State Attorney’s Office, from the national office, are insisting on going to trial, and are asking for real jail time for me, with *no evidence*, even thought the presiding Judge has advised them to close the file. They told her they were given orders by the national office of the State Attorney to continue with the file – with no evidence.

How dare a Jew presume to be moral in The State of Israel?! How dare you express outrage at Children being trafficked?! Money is our god here! How dare you refer to Jewish Holy Writ?!

The Indictment that reads: The State of Israel vs. Doreen Dotan actually means The State of vs. Jewish Morality. It actually means that Jews are expected to keep silent about the sprightly Child Trafficking Business that the State of Israel is sponsoring. It means that Jews are expected to keep silent about the fact that the Children’s boarding facilities in this country are private facilities and all that means and that the Adoption business demands quotas from the social workers. America has private prisons. Israel has private institutions for Children. I’ll say that again: The State of Israel has private institutions for Children.

We are expected to keep silent about the fact that a “Child Welfare Officer” was married to the head of the dreaded Repo Authority in Jerusalem. So, there is a direct connection between Child Trafficking and the Repo establishment that extorts people without means until they immolate themselves in streets in their desperation.

The hell this Jew will keep silent about such things.

And the Trial will be held on the Nazareth Court House for a little extra ironic panache.

Show starts in February 2016.

Stay tooned.


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