A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

The State of Israel is disintegrating and evaporating.
(It is most significant that the word for “state” in Hebrew is an anagram for the word that means illusory).
Ancient and Holy Israel is rising and returning to Life. Sinews and flesh are forming and even as I write she is getting stronger.
Those whose minds are filled with hatred and fear and the desire to destroy are attached to the illusion that is the State of Israel. They will disperse together with the State. Even now they are evaporating. They feel their grip on actuality becoming ever more tenuous and are terrified and acting in desperation.
Ancient, Holy Israel is coming to Life and is becoming ever more real and actual and material. Even now, the clouds that will rain down Blessings are condensing and growing heavy with rain over our heads.

Watch. And be amazed.

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