A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

The Building of the Third and Eternal Temple

True Service in the true Temple is not limited to one building and is not ceremonial behavior in addition to the normal walk of Life. It is a Holy Walk of Life that doesn’t have to be re-enacted with odd ceremonies. We are not meant to recreate symbolic, wooden and, to be honest, inane representations of Life. We are meant to live Life naturally, yet intentionally and with exquisite, but free flowing self-control. It is a Walk of Life that elevates matter to its holiest expression with every breath we take, every intention that arises in our minds, every word we speak, every action we take in love. That is why it is called Halakhah.

The elevation of the entire phenomenal world is The Redemption. The physical world is The Holy Temple. All other temples have been models based on misunderstandings of Torah on the part of Jews who distanced themselves from Torah and thus thought they were reading about someone else somewhere else some time else, didn’t realize that every Name in Torah is their Name, that the Torah is talking about them specifically, is talking about their Lives and their Bodies and didn’t take it literally enough.
Understand this.


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