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IT’S ALL ENERGY – So, Lets Understand What Energy Is

It is generally accepted that all phenomena are energy. Unfortunately it is believed that no one knows what energy is.
It is also said that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Herein we will find out that energy is continuously being created. That will become eminently clear once we know what energy is.
I am also going to discuss herein why there are both clean and dirty sources of energy and why those who control energy prefer the dirty sort.
Once we understand these things, we will be able to wrest power away from those who monopolize, clean it up and use it to our better purposes.

Notice that the words ENERGY and ORGANIZATION contain the same basic, consonantal letters.

Hebrew will help us understand what is being said.

Light in Hebrew is אור, pronounced Or.

A fabric is called ארג, pronounced ereg.

Organization in Hebrew is ארגון, pronounced irgun. Those same letters also make up the expression אור גן, the Light of the Garden.

The expression אור גנוז, pronounced Or Ganuz, which you hear sounds very much like the word Organize, means The Hidden Light and refers to the Light of the Seven Days of Creation, the Primordial Light from which all creation was and is and will be hewn – continuously.

The Hebrew word for Heavenly power is חשמל, pronounced Chashmal [guttural ch]. Chashmal is what is revealed to the Prophets. They work directly with that power source. The term is used in modern Hebrew for electricity, but it is far more than just electricity. Chasmal is an anagram of לשמח, pronounced Lismo’ach, which means to be Happy.

The highest forms of Energy are produced by Happy people working in concert to Happy purposes.

And now we understand what Energy is: it is naught but organized, concerted effort. It does not exist a priori. We create energy. The Creation is ongoing. At the very highest levels of pure intention, concerted effort, joy Wisdom – the Primordial Light is being continuously brought into existence from absolute, unimaginable nothingness – nothingness devoid even of nothingness.

When we act in a deliberate, concerted manner; we create energy. Thinking to oneself is a form of concerted action, concerted effort. We are concerting the efforts of our minds, which is a composite.

Of course, cooperative action is on a still higher level of concerted activity.

The intentions we have and the purposes we have in mind when we act and act together will determine the nature and purity and power of the energy we produce.

If we act to a high purpose, we will produce pure energy of a high degree of power. Both the amplitude and the frequency will be very high. All wave phenomena are physical expressions of morality and intentions and emotions. The higher the generating thoughts, feelings and actions; the higher the energy.

It is the nature of the higher levels of energy that they are not centralized. The highest forms of energy are produced by Committees acting in concert. They do not centralize around one figure. They are the result of a voluntary Unification of intentions and efforts.

The lower forms of energy, the dirty energy, the energy being derives from old fossils, the energy that is gritty and produces low power is like those who produce it.

It is seen that those who want clean forms of energy are also struggling against organized corruption and centralized power. That is because clean energy and clean morality are one and the same.

The error that those who want clean energy, decentralized power and equality in the world have been making is that they have been trying to organize themselves in much the same way that the organizers that produce dirty energy organize.

To produce clean energy, to be living in a world of far higher amplitude and frequency; we have to get to a far higher level of morality and learn to organize ourselves into Committees that act in concert to specific purposes and then dissolve themselves. This is a far more dynamic form of Organization and will create clean, higher energy sources.


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