A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


I was initiated into Revolutionary consciousness when I was 10 or 11 years old.

Over the decades, I learned about and considered many Revolutionary paths that held out the promise of Freedom and a better Future.

I tried a few of them on for size and each has merits.

But none of them have brought about The Revolution.

All of the paths presupposed that we must struggle somehow from a one (or two or three) down position. Something always seemed wrong about that to me.

And then one day I looked at a photo of Binyamin Netanyahu and a wave of pity overtook me. He looked so pressed, so artificial, so controlled.

But pity too didn’t feel right. I don’t want to pity anyone.

And then I came upon it: COMPASSION.

The way to Revolution is to feel genuine Compassion for the people who are buried in the gross materialism, negative emotions, intrigue, power struggles, illusions and delusions, deceptions within deceptions of “power”.

What a terrible place to be in!

How awful it must be to carry heavy burdens like that all the time. How awful it must be to have to manufacture a world of lies that can come down at any minute like a house of cards.

The collective message we should be sending them is: You don’t have to do that. You can take off the armor. You can discover who you really are. You can allow yourself time to smell the flowers. You can be Human.

They are terrified to let go. It will not help to make them more afraid by calling for retribution and punishment. They have to make amends, yes. But of what avail is frightening people who think they have no Soul with punishment?

They suffer horrifically and should be offered a safe place to come out of hiding into in which they can find the Souls they are quite sure they sold long ago. Their hope that they can be redeemed needs to be restored.

If anything will bring about The Revolution we hope for, it is to look upon their suffering with true Compassion. It is worth the try. Nothing else throughout the history of enslavement has worked.


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