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Solid State Thought, Solid State Being

I know this is going to sound very, very strange – at first anyway.
I have, gradually, been moving into a state of consciousness that I can only describe as Solid State Thought. It is Solid State Being, in which Thought and all concepts that formerly appeared to be individuated and some abstract, are becoming one Ground of Being and there is no differentiation between material and abstract.

To experience this, consider the following terms, which we normally think of as very different, some very rarefied, others as material as material can be:

Notice that they are the same letters, just pronounced slightly differently, and that creates the illusion that they are individuated concepts. Try to think of them as one and the same.

Now add this into the mix: Solid

What happens when our Thoughts become Solid, when the abstract is as palpable and real as the material and that includes concepts like: Space, Time, Future,  Past,  Present, Meaningful, Enlightenment, Perpetuity, Hope, Peace and Love?


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