A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


See The Light

Imagine an immense Diamond, with innumerable facets. Each of the facets scintillates and sparkles with Lights the color of Opals.
The Lights blend and dance with one another and they intensify one another.

Each of the facets of this Diamond is the Face of a Righteous Person. The Light that emanates from the facets is their Wisdom.

The Light flows from the facets and becomes various landscapes and forms, including Forms of Life.
The specific forms that the beings assume is a function of the specific deeds of righteousness that these People did in their lifetimes.

The Diamond grows in every Generation, as more and more Righteous People are invited to joint it.

This is The Light that is called The Hidden Light, The Light stored up for the Righteous and The Light of the Seven Days of Creation.

The Diamond is the Crown Jewel in the Crown of the King of Kings.

Live your Life so that You may see, and Be, this Light.


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