A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


Every day my Soul suffers deliberate torment in the State of Israel. Every morning I awaken, recall the events of the day before and my Heart sinks with sorrow. Every day everything Jewish in me is offended, appalled, disgusted, outraged by the deliberate, endemic, systematic injustice I see around me.

To make a Jew witness meaningless suffering day after day after day, including the suffering of ‪ ‎Jewish‬ ‪ ‎Children‬, is more terrible than to be racked.

I am not the only Jew who feels that way here. Most of us do. Most, however, are in deep denial, in order to function in society and earn their daily bread. Some are simply terrified of repercussions and do not dare to say so.
The State of Israel does not, cannot serve the needs of the Jewish Soul. It barely manages to give the Jewish Body what it minimally needs.
The State of Israel is anathema to the Jewish Soul. The Jewish Soul is immeasurably greater than the State of Israel. We will go on long after the State of Israel collapses into its own filth and drowns in it.

The real reason I, and many, many like me, are being taken to court is because We will not surrender Our Jewish Souls to the State of Israel. The intended purpose of the “Zionists” (those who presume to use the name of the Vision of our Prophets in vain!) was to Germanize the Jews and crush those who whose Jewish Spirit proved to be intractable. Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook, HaCohen, realized this and tried to warn the Jews that “Zionism” was not what it dissembled to be.
The State of Israel is the modern incarnation of the Inquisition. Theodor Herzl so admired the Roman Catholic Church.

The purpose of the State of Israel was to inure the Jewish Soul to the extent that we would be able to accept the existence of war, of Children being stolen from loving Families and marketed, of young Jewish women being groomed for prostitution, of Jews falling into addiction, of Ethiopian Jews being systematically jailed out of discrimination and suffering all kinds of horrific indignities and worse…NO! The Jewish Soul cannot become accustomed to a reality like that. We cannot become numb. There is no amount of pain that breaks the Jewish Soul such that it accepts injustice. That was the entire design of the State of Israel.

So, I must be prosecuted, because I cannot be assimilated.

That is the terrible truth about the “State of Israel”.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel


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