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I’ve been asked what is going on with my Trial.
I haven’t answered individually as I intentionally wish to make a very public spectacle of this.
I have a hearing in the Court House of Peace (yes, that’s what they Orwellianly call it) in Nazereth (the irony is not lost on me) this Thursday.
My lawyer [I don’t envy him because I know his balls are squeezed between being a nice Jewish boy from an old Tzfat family (here in Tzfat is where the updated Code of Jewish Law was written by Rabbi Yosef Caro) and, after all, being part of the system – so defending Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan is no picnic] tells me that in my file there is NO VIDEO.
The Sorry State of Israel is calling for real jail time for me for the “high crime” of “insulting a public official” (an atavistic law they kept on the books from the invading Ottoman Muslim empire) and is calling for real jail time for me – WITH NO EVIDENCE.
All that is in the file is my partial confession, which I signed “Under Duress” because before the interrogation, while I waited outside the interrogation rooms, prisoners in chains on their hands and legs were paraded past me while one of the young female officers stood in front of a mirror freshening up her make-up, as if to say: ‘This is how much feeling I would have to do the same to you.’
They tried to get me to admit to the “offense” without benefit of consulting with a lawyer as well. The interrogation, which lasted three hours and involved six police officers, finger and hand printing, a “mug shot” and DNA samples being taken, was very physically and emotionally hard on me. I was under duress. And so I signed the partial “confession”.
My entire file amounts to 20 pages of NOTHING – mostly repeated requests that the “Child Welfare Officer” Miriam Benatar, my accuser, produce the video she alleges I made and she did not – despite the repeated requests by the police and the State Atty’s Office. Once she sent an empty disk.
I AM STILL CALLING FOR AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE REPORTED SUICIDE OF MIRIAM BENATAR’S HUSBAND – JUDGE MORRIS (MOSHE) BENATAR. It was reported that he committed suicide by putting a plastic bag over his head. Sounds perfectly reasonable.

With that, I go to the Court House of Peace in Nazereth in which people are routinely prosecuted for stealing goats and sent to jail for same by the same State Attorney’s s Office that protects those who steal Children and then abuse them horrifically while they are wards of the state.
The real reason I, and many many like me, are being taken to court is because We will not surrender our Souls to the State of Israel. The State of Israel is the modern incarnation of the Inquisition.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel


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