A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

Those Who Have Struggled for Justice and Human Dignity Have Won – But Victory Won’t Be Sweet Until Hope is Restored and A New Day Dawns in Israel

The Corruption that has already been exposed in this latest scandal of unprecedented depth and scope in Israel involves: The State Attorney’s Office, Judges, Police, the Psychiatric Establishment, Building Contractors, Lawyers.
More is being exposed every day. The bottom is dropping out. Israel is in free fall and nothing can prevent that any more.
The connections in Israel put the Systems that have already been named as essentially corrupt in touch with every other Vital System in Israel. Every one. No exceptions.
Things are not going to go back to the old status quo. Ever. This is not going to be hushed up and Israel is not just going to shake it off and move on to Corruption as usual.
The Vital Systems of the State of Israel are all collapsing. Israel is bottoming out.
All trust and all respect has been lost for the State of Israel on the part of the citizenry. We no longer trust or believe in the System at all. Not. At. All.

The State of Israel as it has existed is not going to survive this. It’s not going to heal. It’s not going to get better. Ever. Israel’s Vital Systems are already decaying.

Israel must metamorphose. It has no choice. The government of the State of Israel can no longer rule by mystification and making the people in the country think that the State exists for our welfare. The King is naked for all to see.

Israel has one of two choices. It can either go the way of South Korea and rule by nothing but fear and become a pariah. Of course, the brightest and the best will flee – if they are allowed to. If not, Israel will be seen as one of the most vicious regimes in the world and will be treated accordingly.

Or, Israel can become a Democratic country and take a proud place among the Democratic countries in the world.
My heartfelt suggestion is to look to Iceland for an exemplar.

As in all crises, there is much Hope for Opportunity. This is a Day no less great than the Day the State was declared, perhaps more.

Please, please embrace this Opportunity.


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