A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


If we look deeply and honestly into the history of invasion, conquest and usurpation; we will see that every People who were invaded and conquered had one thing in common: invariably, they had abrogated their Supreme Sovereignty and were living in a state unbefitting Kings and Queens.

When other People would regard those who were living in a way that bespoke that they had no idea that they were the Supreme King of Kings in this world, the emotions that were aroused were disgust and the desire to take them over and to rob them of the little they begrudged themselves in order to force them to either return to the awareness of who they are or die or remain enslaved until they did realize that they themselves were creating the materials out of which their shackles are made and recall how to dissolve them.

Those who will not admit their Absolute Majesty will be treated as paupers and slaves until they remember Who they are. So long as we insist upon living with the delusions that we are small, weak, that we are somehow born out of the earth, subject to the vagaries of nature, that we are just another animal among the animals, that we must behave in a morally undignified manner in order to survive, that indeed survival is the highest imperative and that there are limited resources in “the world”, which we see as existing a priori and antecedent to us – we are subject to being povertized, humiliated and enslaved until such time as we cannot stand it any longer and agree to return to our Palace and ascend to our Throne.

This is the case because it is unnatural and destructive, wholly unacceptable and downright embarrassing for a Son or Daughter of the King of Kings, each of which is a unique Firstborn, and therefore an Absolute Heir Apparent for Absolute Sovereignty, not to realize the truth of our Being – that we are God incarnate who regards Creation as the Realm over which we govern (that is to say, bless) with magnanimity, dignity, grace and majestic Love – in which we create the conditions of maximal happiness and welfare for the benefit of all creatures.

Sovereignty is the knowledge that We are, each of Us, The Supreme King of Kings, The One and The Only.

Nobility is graciously and wisely recognizing that this is true of Everyone else as well and acting in the genuine desire to create a Covenant of Kingdoms that live in peace and harmony and maximal cooperation with one another to the benefit of All.

This is the true meaning of: God is One.


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