A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


The understanding that people act as they do because we are only able to show love to the extent to which we are able at any given time is a truism that anyone with a broken heart or who has been disappointed by someone needs to understand in order to best heal from the hurt.

But that knowledge has implications beyond our one-on-one relationships. This is no less true of relationships on the social level.
We are apt to think that business people who cheat us and politicians who mistreat us are able to give more, but that they are withholding from us out of pure greed.
Back of greed is neediness –emotional neediness. Those who have a rich heart are disinclined to hoard material wealth.
Businesspeople and politicians put on a great show of being very powerful and, if we too are needy emotionally or emotionally immature, are apt to think that we need them. The illusion of power they project is only a function of our delusion that someone else can fulfill our needs and wants.

If someone doles out to us in a miserly way, you may be sure that that person is indigent and terribly weak inside. No one whose Heart is overflowing with the Power of Love behaves that way or finds any comfort in doing so. Let us be mature and healthy and emotionally self-sufficient enough to recognize this.

When we realize that our “leaders” are nothing more than emotionally puerile sad little people starved for love who are putting on a great Wizard of Oz-like front; we will see them for what they are, in the correct proportions and then go about building a society based on something healthier than our infantile need to suck out of empty bottles.

Healing our own Hearts is the most significant Act we can accomplish not only for the sake of our personal relationships, but for Society as a whole. Society is the aggregate expression of the emotional level of the people who make up that Society.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel


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