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The Importance of Compassion (or Advanced Lucid Dreaming :0)

I’ve been stressing that arriving at a state of maximal Compassion, particularly for those who oppress us, is vital for becoming free.
Herein, with God’s Help; I hope to be able to explain just why that is necessarily the case.

The Hebrew proofs for what I am about to write herein will be posted below for those who read Hebrew.
ראו את הרשימה בשם: חיוניות הרחמים

There are a number of words that share letters in Hebrew that give us clear insight into the nature of Inception and Conception; Compassion and the nature of both Spirit and Matter.

It is not spurious that in English the word Conception is used for both that which is conceived in the Mind and that which is conceived in the Womb. In fact, they are one and the same. That which is conceived in Spirit in the Mind (the Brain and the Heart in interaction) becomes actual, is fleshed out, in the Womb and is born into the Worlds of Actualization.

At the level of God as Supernal Father and Supernal Mother, Father and Mother are Identical and Mother and Father are Identical with the Conception. Christians listen up carefully now. This is the whole Truth of the matter that you have only heard in part.

The Human Body is differentiated, yet integrated. This is the expression of the Supernal Will as expressed in our world in the highest form in this world – The Human Body. There is differentiation of the Heart and the Brain, of course, but they are both essential for one another’s functioning. The Brain has a Heart of its own and the Heart has a Mind of its own. This reflects the Identity of God as Supernal Mother and Supernal Father, yet there is some distinction, even as the Brain and the Heart can be seen to be distinct, even as they are utterly dependent the one on the other to function.

Just as that which is conceived in the Human Womb is the genetic product of both the Father and the Mother, so the Ideas that arise in the Mind/Womb/Heart of God are the combination of the Will of the Supernal Father and the Supernal Mother, which is identical with their Being. There is distinction of organs and limbs, so that they may be discerned. Yet, the most essential organs are utterly identified and interdependent.
The Mind of God, then, is the Womb and the Heart of God and that which is conceived therein is Perfect, even as the Supernal Father and Supernal Mother are Perfect.

The Hebrew words for Compassion (Rachamim) and Wombs (Rechamim) have exactly the same letters. They aren’t even anagrams. They are the same letters exactly in the same order exactly. Only the punctuation is only slightly different, which is to say the Spirit is expressing itself somewhat differently, but very similarly.

When we look upon the Creation with the utmost Compassion that we are capable of at our current level of development, we come closer to the Original Conception of the Creation. As we exercise our ability to feel Compassion and act Compassionately, those abilities grow. The more they grow the more we come into line with the Original Conception in the Mind/Heart/Womb of God.

Another word in Hebrew that shares the letters that are in the words for Compassion (Rachamim) and Womb (Rechamim) is Chomer – which means material. An anagram of the word Chomer (material) is Machar – which means tomorrow. Both the words Chomer (material) and Machar (tomorrow), which are anagrams that are punctuated differently, are comprised wholly of the letters which are also the root of the Hebrew words for Compassion and Womb: Resh-Chet-Mem.

The more we consciously endeavor to develop our Compassion in Spirit (the feeling of Compassion) and to will our Bodies to act our Compassion on the material level, the more material and even time comes into line with the Divine Will and the more we are bringing our will into line with the Divine Will – we are drawing closer to the point at which our Will and God’s Will are one and the same. When we exert ourselves to make the Divine Will our Will, we are participating in our own Creation. The end of these strivings is that we are what is called “assumed into the GodHead” and we become One with the Divine Will and the Divine Conception. We then experience OurSelves as the Supernal Father, the Supernal Mother and the Supernal Conception.

At that point we have maximum influence over the shape of material and how the Spirit acts in them and the forms our Tomorrows take as our Will has become the Mind/Heart/Womb of God. The Conception becomes One with the Supernal Mother and the Supernal Father and influences reality as God does.

May it be Our Will, then, that all of the Creation will be Conceived in Ultimate Compassion and be gazed upon with the Eyes of Love and a Heart filled with Joy.


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