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Most of us dread the feeling of Fear. We try to avoid it in every way we can.
It has even been said that Fear is a place where God is not.
How untrue that is!

Listen now, and learn to rejoice greatly when your Heart fears.

The Name of King David, means the Beloved King. David in the Human Heart. The meaning of the name of His Son, King Shlomo (known as Solomon in English), means the Perfect King. Shlomo is the Human Mind. His name comes from the same root as the word Shalom. Our job is to create Peace in our Mind and in our Heart.

The expression in Hebrew Shlomo the Son of David is equal to the value of the word Fear in Hebrew. Please see the post directly below this one for the proofs if you read Hebrew.

King Shlomo is the epitome of Wisdom and Wealth beyond measure and expansive Kingdom. It is when we approach a recollection of this level of Wealth and Expansiveness of Wisdom that we feel Fear.

Our task is to unify these two Kingdoms, the Kingdom of the Heart and the Kingdom of the Mind, within us. To do this, We must learn to love with the intensity with which we fear death.
Every time we fear, we are learning to do this. Every experience in our lives that causes us to fear is a situation designed by the Hands of God especially for us to teach us to love with the depths of our fear of death. We may be sure we are being watched closely when we are asked to undergo these ordeals. When we can do so, we have conquered Death and it surrenders to our unified Kingdom.

Those who know this will rejoice greatly when Fear strikes their Heart because they will know they are approaching Remembering – remembering Who they really are.

As the Heart is purified, the intensity of the feeling of Fear becomes merged with Love. The Heart is not purified by Fear unless we fervently desire that it will be. Fear can also distort the Heart. Whether Fear builds us as it breaks us down or not is a matter of our Free Will to learn from Fear or to resist. If when we fear we are reminded of David, the Kingdom of Love, we come closer to Love with the intensity of Fear of Death. This is the perfection of the Heart and every experience we have that strikes Fear in our Hearts is teaching us to Love at the ultimate level of intensity. When we can do that – we can also rejoice at that level of intensity.


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