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Isaiah’s Suffering Servant

Chapter 53 in the book of the Prophet Isaiah, pronounced Y’shaYahu, is a most remarkable chapter, but not, as the Christians would have it because they think he speaks of Jesus. No, his Name is Y’shaYahu, the correct and full pronunciation of Yeshua – and he is  clearly speaking about himself.

Chapter 53 in the Book of Y’shaYahu is remarkable because it shows that one of The Greatest Prophets of all time can get into a blue funk, plop himself firmly down on the pity pot and have a good old fashion whine session. He can feel sorry for himself. He can complain that he got punished when others deserved it. He can even get insecure about the way he looks. WOW! The Prophet is a whole lot like us. How comforting is that?!

But now look at Chapter 54 in Y’shaYahu’s Book: Listen to his Soul sing and soar and comfort and promise a better future. Watch the transition from the broken, sad, ugly little man into the magnificent Prophet – when he concerns himself fully with the comforting and benefitting of Others.

Come and see! Listen and learn! And emulate!



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