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An Open Request to All French Jews Considering Emigrating to the State of Israel
I ask you *please* do not come on Aliyah until you have seen the material on a site called Nakim run by a man by the name of Haim Yativ. There is material there in French as well as in Hebrew and English. Haim’s mother tongue is French and you should contact him. He has a page on Facebook.

If you can read Hebrew, I suggest that you look at the pages, blogs and videos of the many brave Israelis who are risking life and limb and certainly risking their personal freedom to tell the terrible truths about the disgraceful levels of corruption in the State of Israel and its utter disregard for the life of its citizens.
Do you know that there is a law in Israel that makes it illegal to insult anyone who works for the government? Yes, and, they take every revelation about the corruption here as personal insult. The Israeli court system is swamped with files against decent people whose only crime was screaming in pain from the corruption, either because their lives were utterly destroyed by the State of Israel or because they couldn’t stand to see others suffering. The corrupt officials they spoke the truth about felt themselves “insulted” and the people who cried out publicly for justice are standing trial even as I write this.
Did you see the videos and newspaper articles about the Israel citizens who lit themselves ablaze because they fell victim to the repossession authorities? It can happen to anyone here. It happens a lot because the economic system is geared toward driving people into debt and bankruptcy.
Have you ever heard of a psychiatric facility called Mazra in Israel? It has no hospital equipment. The nearest hospital to Mazra is quite a distance traveling from there. The fact that Israel has a psychiatric facility that has no hospital equipment but does have has a building clearly marked “The Death House” on its premises, should be the subject of research you conduct before considering emigrating here.
Did you see the videos (some in English) made by soldiers, including officers, who have told about their experiences in the army? You may want to see them before allowing yourself, your children and your grandchildren to be drafted by IDF.
Did you see the blogs of the Parents whose children were wrongly taken from them. Last I heard, five percent of Jewish Israeli children have been removed from their homes, many on trumped-up pretenses. That is ten times more than in Britain, the second worst offender in removing children from their parents’ homes.
The government of the State of Israel is a disgrace. It neither represents the good People of Israel, nor are they answerable to the constituency. Key politicians are bought and paid for by billionaires outside of the State of Israel whose policies they are paid to carry out. Those policies are far more often than not to the detriment of the Israeli people.
The shameful actions of the government show up in the press as indicative of the people of Israel. We therefore, bear the brunt of the shame the government brings upon us. It matters nothing if the government is “Right” or “Left”. The same policies are carried out by both.
Before you make Aliyah, I ask you please to see whether or not my words are true. Search the net and you will find ample material that bears out that the level of corruption of the State of Israel is such that it cannot be called a democracy at all. We live in constant fear of the government, the courts and the police here.
Once, I was a young Oleh and the same song and dance about Aliyah was performed for me that is now being performed for you. I wish that someone had written to me what I wrote above to you.
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
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