A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

#BlackLives, #WhiteAllies# and #NativesDon’tMatterAtAll

You know all of the Natives who were murdered en masse, over the period of generations and all of those slaves who were murdered or died in misery?
Think they’re just gone, buried and forgotten because you don’t know their names and can’t see their faces?
They’re buried in the ground that your food is coming from.
Think that when bodies rot they just “decompose into constituent chemical compounds”?
All of those “chemical compounds” are the physical manifestations of the elements in their memories and their experiences, which are being recycled throughout your ecological system. “Organic compounds” are the physical manifestations of their lives which they are recycling into the ecology.
Think that you’re not paying any price for enjoying the fruits of the land they once walked on and whose descendants would have walked on?
Well, they *are* the fruits of the land now. You’re eating them and feeding them to your children – every day. And when you eat them, their memories and experiences are being stored in your body and in your subconscious and in your children’s bodies and their subconscious and are becoming an integral part of your Body and your consciousness.
If you’re living in one of those States where there isn’t a Native to be seen, then you may be sure the land you’re eating out of is soaked with their blood and they didn’t die happy.
Just sayin’. Carry on enjoying your White privilege and worrying every now and then about Fukushima or just hashtag #WhiteAlly if you’re of a really liberal bent or hashtag #BlackLivesMatter if you’re so blind as to think that the Lives of some People can be described by a color. Or maybe hashtag #Anarchist if you imagine yourself some kind of secular saint because you’re snarky and petulant while you’re occupying #Native land or hashtag #Christian if you think that being a “believer” is going to absolve you of the sin and purify you of the pollution of living off the fruits of genocide.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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