A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

Why It Is Critical to Attain and Maintain a State of Joy

I cannot stress how important it is that we learn to will our Hearts to maintain a state of Joy.
There is a very powerful “field of energy” (to use the current terminology) around the Heart that has a “magnetic” effect on Creation. As our Hearts are, so reality lines up around us.
We are being traumatized by those who know this (high level Masons and the like) and we are then the low-“energy” sadness is harvested to keep the world in a dense, dark place.

The greatest, most Revolutionary, most important contribution you will ever make in your Life is to gently discipline yourself to be Joyous.

The sad, frightening and shocking news items that are circulated on the net, including the “truther” information is there to create a world wide web of sadness, fear and shock.

They *want* us to discuss these issues because what’s important to them is our down feelings and the energy they create. The internet is there to amplify the misery, which those pronouncing their anger, sadness and shock bounce one off the other.
They know that our protestations will avail us nothing. It is our mood that determines the nature of reality. We forge our chains even as we protest against the injustice and express our righteous indignation. That is why the so generously provide us with internet.

What we pay attention to, we strengthen. It is critical that we overcome the addiction we have to the negative and put our attention and our efforts on Happy, healthy things.

We cannot nullify injustice by railing against it. There will not come a time when we will have had enough and rise up against The System. The System is being created by and fueled by our feelings.

The most compassionate thing we will ever do is to be filled with Joy and spread that Joy around.

We cannot be in a reactive mode in relation to Joy, we must be proactive. We cannot allow our mood to rise and fall with circumstances. We must reach the level of Joy requisite in order to be the Masters of circumstances.

All of the most spiritual Peoples have been made systematically miserable because they have the most powerful effects on Creation.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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