A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

When They Tell You that You Have No Right to The Land, No Right to the Covenant, No Claims on Eternity

When they say to you: “You have no right to the Land after 2000 years! –or- “Your Covenant has ended!” –or-Your Tradition may have been relevant long ago, but it has no relevance to modern times!”, what they are saying is:
“I am so blind that all I perceive is that you look European. I cannot see the Hebrew in you beneath the outer features. Had I sustained as many rapes and assimilating unions due to brainwash as your People have, there would be no trace of my Original Identity in me. I cannot conceive of surviving such a protracted Test.
I have not been found worthy and fit of eternal trust. I cannot keep, or even imagine, fealty forever. I could not keep up my end of an Eternal Covenant. I cannot be relied upon without end. After a finite amount of time, under finite pressure; I would give up what is most precious to me. I refuse to imagine anyone being found so morally sound as to remain loyal to their Promise forever. Therefore, you cannot possibly be a Party to a Covenant that is Eternal.”
Don’t listen to their characteristic shrieks, with their strident and shrill tone at all Israel. Don’t listen at all. They are saying that, though they have been offered Eternity; they have chosen empherality. They have chosen to perish and perish they will by their own indictment. They too shall pass away and our Covenant will endure forever.
Those who have been kind and loving enough to themselves to deem themselves worthy of Eternity will see and honor it and protect it in us as we will in them.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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