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What we feel makes our bodies vibrate and those vibrations spread out into the world and become the forms we see around us, including life forms.
The very interesting research, a synopsis of which is in the attached video, shows that sound waves create forms, including the forms life itself takes on.

It is said in Judaism: It is a great deed to be in a state of happiness always.
NOTE: It does not say to be happy always, but to be in a state of happiness always.

The state of happiness is not a function of any created thing. Indeed, it is the source of all creation.

To be in a state of happiness is a the supreme act of Divine Will on the heart and mind.

There is no greater Divine Service to man and the creation than to undertake to attain as high a level of the state of happiness as we can at any given moment. To attain that state, we must be causing others to be happy, to be living as morally as we are capable of at any given moment, to live in a state of hope for the Creation and to love and to want to learn to love more and more.

The world we live in, the forms it is taking on, are the result of the cumulative level of happiness and unhappiness that is causing our bodies to vibrate and is determining the waves that are going out of our brains and hearts.

We can override the directives that the Creation is now receiving on a relatively low level of collective happiness with much higher frequencies that are naturally generated by a brain and a heart, and which echo through our bodies and then propagate into the space around us, that is devoted to the creation of a World of Happiness.

Waves of light and sound are physical effects of waves of happiness propagating. Waves of happiness exist on infinite levels. The higher the level, the greater the intensity and frequency and the happier the creation is, the more beautiful the forms it takes on.

Yes, The Truth is *that* simple.

PLEASE, sanctify Yourselves to that Holy Purpose. All the world and everything in it depends on You.

Cymatics-Bringing Matter to Life with Sound

There is a caveat that it is only fair to warn people about.
This will NOT make the world instantly happier and better.
In fact, the more proficient we get at propagating joy, the more God will bring us those in need of healing. And many of them will be very sad people indeed.
This is about SERVICE, not feeling good.

If we persevere, we will see the good taking root and growing.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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