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30 Million Shekel Suit:

Ziv Hospital in Tzfat Conducted Human Experiments

During the course of having stomach reduction operations, two families claim their loved ones had part of their livers excised for experimental purposes without permission or knowledge on the part of the patients.

100 staff members have been named as involved in the experiments.

תביעה ייצוגית: בית החולים זיו ביצע ניסוי קליני במטופליו – מבלי ליידעם

שישי, 11 מרץ 2011 01:28 נכתב ע”י מערכת

The pulse


Tourism, Israel, Tzfat, Zefad, Sefad, Rivka Ziv Hospital, Human Experimentation, Nazereth District Court, Petah Tikva District Court

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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